Installing & Configuring TigerVNC Server

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Installing & Configuring TigerVNC Server Once we have a GUI installed, MATE Desktop in our case, we can go ahead and configure a VNC Server so that we can access our GUI on other computers, without only using command line. Below I’ll cover how to download and configure the VNC Server. Please note – You […]

Systemd – Start & Stop VM’s

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Here is a simply systemd %i service file to start and stop the VM’s: [[email protected] ~]# vim /etc/systemd/system/[email protected] [Unit] Description=Virtual Box %i Service Requires=systemd-modules-load.service After=systemd-modules-load.service   [Service] Type=idle   ## User & Group User=Myuser Group=Myuser   ## Start & Stop ExecStart=/usr/bin/VBoxHeadless –startvm %i ExecStop=/usr/bin/VBoxManage controlvm %i poweroff   [Install]  

Oracle Net Listener

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Oracle Net Listener Now that the database software is installed, we need to add a Listener to “listen” to some ports for us. Below you will find how I set mine up: [1] Login with the oracle admin user and input a command “netca” like follows. [[email protected] ~]# su – oracle Password:       […]

Install Oracle 12c database

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Installing Oracle Database 12c Now that we have completed the pre-requirements, we now can move on to downloading and installing the software needed for the database. Continue as follows: [1] Login and work with the oracle user which you created in pre-requirements [[email protected] ~]# su – oracle Password:               […]